Me and the company philosophy

Dear customer,
I am very happy to welcome you to my online shop.
Due to my regular work as an orchestral and ensemble musician, as well as a soloist, I am very familiar with the requirements for the instrument and the reeds and am always looking for further improvements. Also, through the lively contact with my colleagues, I keep getting information from everyday life with reeds of all kinds. This exchange inspires me time and again to address problems and improve my products accordingly.
I am also in contact with children and young people through my teaching work and therefore know about their oboistic needs.
With the foundation of in 2016, I achieved a lot at the same time. On the one hand, of course, I am pursuing my passion for reedmaking. This also gave me the opportunity to make it easier for other colleagues and students to do their work/hobby and to engage in an even more intensive exchange with musicians and reedmakers all over the world. In addition, of course, the office is also part of my job, from web shop maintenance to bookkeeping, customer acquisition and tax.
For me personally, direct contact with the cane, the time to check and evaluate each individual piece of cane, play the finished reeds several times and let them dry again is very important. Therefore I do not use industrial machines. Because just manually gouging a cane gives you an impression of its quality. As one of my teachers said to me years ago "a good oboe reed takes time". I'll take this - so you have to look at the somewhat longer delivery times. My concern is your satisfaction.
Of course, I am aware that not every reed has to fit every player or instrument. I am all the more pleased about the numerous positive feedback from my customers.
Should there still be something to complain about, I would like to ask for your feedback. So I have the opportunity to further improve my products. Of course I am also happy to receive feedback if you are satisfied.
Kind regards,
Frieder Uhlig, CEO